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Weekly markets around Varese

  • Markets in Lombardia

Are you looking for a weekly market around Varese ?Markets inVarese. Every village, town has its weekly market, where the rites of all time are celebrated.

Here is the list of all markets in and around Varese:

Monday markets around Varese

  • in Carnago, in Piazza Mercato (morning)
  • in Casalzuigno, in Viale Bozzolo (morning)
  • in Castello Cabiaglio, in Piazza Libertà (morning)
  • in Clivio, in Piazza Palestra Comunale (morning)
  • in Lavena Ponte Tresa, in Piazza Matteotti (morning)
  • in Lonate Ceppino, in Piazza Libertà (morning)
  • in Marnate, in Via Don Paolo Scazzosi (morning)
  • in Marnate, in Fraz. Nizzolina (morning)
  • in Mornago, in Piazza Fratelli Bandiera (morning)
  • in Porto Valtravaglia, in Piazza Imbarcadero (morning)
  • in Solbiate Olona, in Via S. Vito (morning)
  • in Taino, in Piazza Pajetta (morning)
  • in Varese, in Piazza Kennedy (morning)
  • in Vedano Olona, in Via Dante (morning)
  • in Vergiate, in Via Piave (morning)

Tuesday markets around Varese

  • in Albizzate, in Piazzale Sefro (morning)
  • in Azzio, in Viale Cadorna (morning)
  • in Bedero Valcuvia, in Piazza V. Veneto (morning)
  • in Busto Arsizio, in Quartiere Beata Giuliana (morning)
  • in Cardano al Campo, in Piazza Mercato Via Matteotti (morning)
  • in Caronno Pertusella, in Via B. Luini (morning)
  • in Comerio, in Giardini (morning)
  • in Gallarate, in Via Montello Via Ronchi (morning)
  • in Gorla Maggiore, in Via Marconi (morning)
  • in Inarzo, in Via Patrioti (morning)
  • in Marchirolo, in Viale delle Rimembranze (morning)
  • in Mercallo, in Piazza Balconi (morning)
  • in Morazzone, in Via De Gasperi (morning)
  • in Olgiate Olona, in Centro (ex Piazza S.Gregorio) (morning)
  • in Porto Ceresio, in Via Matteotti (morning)
  • in Porto Ceresio, in Via Roma (morning)
  • in Solbiate Arno, in Piazza Italia (morning)
  • in Uboldo, in P.le Cimitero (Via Dante angolo Via Manzoni) (morning)
  • in Venegono Superiore, in Piazzale A. Moro (morning)
  • in Laveno-Mombello, in the city center (morning)

Wednesday markets around Varese

  • in Arsago Seprio, in Via Monici (morning)
  • in Azzate, in Via Acquadro (morning)
  • in Besnate, in Via Mauri (morning)
  • in Caronno Varesino, in Piazza Rodari (morning)
  • in Cocquio-Trevisago, in Contrada Tagliabò (morning)
  • in Fagnano Olona, in Piazza Repubblica (morning)
  • in Gallarate, in Via Pietro da Gallarate (morning)
  • in Gallarate, in Fraz. Arnate (morning)
  • in Gallarate, in Via Gramsci Fraz.Moriggia (morning)
  • in Lonate Pozzolo, in Fraz. Sant’Antonino Ticino (morning)
  • in Marnate, in piazza S. Francesco d’Assisi (morning)
  • in Olgiate Olona, in Piazzale Mercanti (morning)
  • in Ternate, in Piazza Libertà (morning)
  • in Travedona-Monate, in Via Don Sturzo (morning)
  • in Venegono Inferiore, in Via C. Menotti (morning)
  • in Viggiù, in Piazza Albinola (morning)
  • in Ferno, in the city center (morning)
  • in Luino, in the city center (morning)
  • in Saronno, in the city center (morning)
  • in Sesto Calende, in the city center (morning)

Thursday markets around Varese

  • in Varese, in Piazza Kennedy (morning)
  • in Busto Arsizio, in Piazza Bersaglieri (morning)
  • in Cairate, in Via Pontida (morning)
  • in Castelseprio, in Via S. Rocco (morning)
  • in Cunardo, in Via Garibaldi (morning)
  • in Cuveglio, in Piazza Mercato (morning)
  • in Gallarate, in Via Egeo Fraz. Crenna (morning)
  • in Gazzada Schianno, in piazza Necchi Loc. Schianno (morning)
  • in Jerago con Orago, in Piazza Onetto (morning)
  • in Malnate, in Località Gurone (morning)
  • in Mornago, in Via Italia (morning)
  • in Somma Lombardo, in Via Giusti (morning)
  • in Tradate, in Piazza Libertà e Indipendenza dei Popoli (morning)
  • in Angera, in the city center (morning)
  • in Arcisate, in the city center (morning)
  • in Besozzo, in the city center (morning)

Friday markets around Varese

  • in Besano, in Via Girola (morning)
  • in Bisuschio, in Via Garibaldi (morning)
  • in Cantello, in Piazza A. De Gasperi (morning)
  • in Casorate Sempione, in Piazza Della Cueta (morning)
  • in Cassano Magnago, in Piazza XXV Aprile (morning)
  • in Castellanza, in Piazza Visconte Cerini (morning)
  • in Cavaria con Premezzo, in Via Mazzini (morning)
  • in Cislago, in Piazza Monte Lungo (morning)
  • in Cittiglio, in Piazza A. De Peri (morning)
  • in Gazzada Schianno, in Località Gazzada (morning)
  • in Gorla Minore, in Via Terzaghi (morning)
  • in Induno Olona, in Via Porro (morning)
  • in Laveno-Mombello, in Fraz. Mombello (morning)
  • in Maccagno, in Largo Alpini (morning)
  • in Origgio, in XXV Aprile (morning)
  • in Samarate, in Piazza 11/9/2001 New York (morning)
  • in Samarate, in Piazza Don Dante Colombo (morning)
  • in Samarate, in S. Macario Via Pola (morning)
  • in Saronno, in Via Einstein (morning)
  • in Saronno, in Loc. Cassina Ferrara (morning)
  • in Varano Borghi, in Piazza Matteotti (morning)
  • in Brusimpiano, in the city center (morning)
  • in Gavirate, in the city center (morning)
  • in Lonate Pozzolo, in the city center (morning)
  • in Montegrino Valtravaglia, in the city center (morning)

Saturday markets around Varese

  • in Varese, in Piazza Kennedy (morning)
  • in Cardano al Campo, in Piazza Mercato Via Matteotti (morning)
  • in Azzate, in Via Acquadro (morning)
  • in Busto Arsizio, in Piazza Bersaglieri (morning)
  • in Biandronno, in Piazza Cavour (morning)
  • in Brebbia, in Piazza Don Giovanni Bosco (morning)
  • in Busto Arsizio, in Fraz. Sacconago (morning)
  • in Castiglione Olona, in Via Cavalieri di V. Veneto (morning)
  • in Gallarate, in Area Mercato Via Torino (morning)
  • in Gerenzano, in Piazza A. da Giussano (morning)
  • in Golasecca, in Piazza S. Michele (morning)
  • in Ispra, in Piazza Firenze (morning)
  • in Lavena Ponte Tresa, in Piazza Mercato (morning)
  • in Saltrio, in Piazza Risorgimento (morning)
  • in Malnate, in the city center (morning)

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