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Weekly markets around Cremona

  • Markets in Lombardia

Are you looking for a weekly market around Cremona ?Markets inCremona. Every village, town has its weekly market, where the rites of all time are celebrated.

Here is the list of all markets in and around Cremona:

Monday markets around Cremona

  • in Calvatone, in Piazza Donatori (morning)
  • in Capralba, in Via G. Di Rauso (morning)
  • in Gussola, in Piazza Comaschi (morning)
  • in Olmeneta, in Piazzale Cappelli (morning)
  • in Quintano, in Piazza Martiri di Nassyria (morning)
  • in Soresina, in Via Genala vie adiacenti (morning)
  • in Stagno Lombardo, in Piazza Roma (morning)

Tuesday markets around Cremona

  • in Casteldidone, in Via XXV Aprile (morning)
  • in Crema, in Via Verdi (morning)
  • in Cremosano, in Via XXV Aprile (morning)
  • in Madignano, in Viale L. Gerundo (morning)
  • in Piadena, in Via Cavallotti e vie adiacenti (morning)
  • in Pianengo, in Via Giovanni XXIII (morning)
  • in Sesto ed Uniti, in Viale Sacchi (morning)
  • in Sospiro, in Piazza Chiesa (morning)
  • in Vaiano Cremasco, in Via Verga (morning)

Wednesday markets around Cremona

  • in Casaletto Ceredano, in Via P. Ragazzi (morning)
  • in Cremona, in Piazza Stradivari (morning)
  • in Martignana di Po, in Piazza Municipale (morning)
  • in Rivolta d'Adda, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (morning)
  • in Scandolara Ripa d'Oglio, in Piazza Roma (morning)

Thursday markets around Cremona

  • in Crema, in Via Verdi (morning)
  • in Agnadello, in Via Vailate (morning)
  • in Annicco, in Via De Gasperi (morning)
  • in Isola Dovarese, in Piazza Matteotti (morning)
  • in Malagnino, in Via S. Ambrogio (morning)
  • in Ostiano, in Piazza Pari (morning)
  • in Paderno Ponchielli, in Piazza L. da Vinci (morning)
  • in Persico Dosimo, in Dosimo Piazza Roma (morning)
  • in Pizzighettone, in Via Alodi e vie adiacenti (morning)
  • in Rivarolo del Re ed Uniti, in Piazza D. Alighieri (morning)
  • in Robecco d'Oglio, in Via Dante (morning)
  • in San Daniele Po, in Via Puerari (morning)
  • in San Martino del Lago, in Piazza Italia (morning)
  • in Torre de' Picenardi, in Piazza Roma (morning)

Friday markets around Cremona

  • in Campagnola Cremasca, in Via Pianengo (morning)
  • in Grumello Cremonese ed Uniti, in Piazza De Gasperi (morning)
  • in Montodine, in Piazzale Don Pagliari (morning)
  • in Palazzo Pignano, in Piazza Donatori di sangue (morning)
  • in Pieve d'Olmi, in Piazza XXV Aprile (morning)
  • in San Giovanni in Croce, in Piazza Dante (morning)
  • in Scandolara Ravara, in Piazza Italia (morning)
  • in Trigolo, in Piazzale Europa (morning)
  • in Volongo, in Via Agazzi Via Roma (morning)

Saturday markets around Cremona

  • in Crema, in Via Verdi (morning)
  • in Cremona, in Piazza Stradivari (morning)
  • in Casalbuttano ed Uniti, in Piazza Libertà (morning)
  • in Casalmaggiore, in Piazza Garibaldi (morning)
  • in Pandino, in Via Castello e vie adiacenti (morning)
  • in Persico Dosimo, in Persichello (morning)
  • in San Bassano, in Piazza Kennedy Via Locatelli (morning)
  • in Spinadesco, in Piazza Mercato (morning)
  • in Spino d'Adda, in Piazza Mercato (morning)
  • in Trescore Cremasco, in Via Marconi (morning)

Sunday markets around Cremona

  • in Gerre de' Caprioli, in Piazza T. Caprioli (morning)

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