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Market in Trieste

  • Markets in Trieste

The weekly market in Trieste, Market-in-Triestein the area of Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia), is held:

  • every Monday, in Campo Belvedere
  • every Monday, in Piazza Foraggi 
  • every Monday, in Piazza Garibaldi
  • every Monday, in Piazza Hortis
  • every Monday, in Piazza Ponterosso(mercato dei fiori)
  • every Monday, in Piazza tra i Rivi 
  • every Monday, in Via dei Mille
  • every Monday, in Via dell'Istria (mercato dei fiori)
  • every Monday, in Via Doberdò
  • every Tuesday, in Campo Belvedere
  • every Tuesday, in Piazza Foraggi 
  • every Tuesday, in Piazza Garibaldi
  • every Tuesday, in Piazza Hortis
  • every Tuesday, in Piazza Ponterosso
  • every Tuesday, in Piazza Puecher 
  • every Tuesday, in Piazza tra i Rivi 
  • every Tuesday, in Via dell'Istria (mercato dei fiori)
  • every Wednesday, in Borgo S. Sergio
  • every Wednesday, in Campo Belvedere
  • every Wednesday, in Piazza Foraggi 
  • every Wednesday, in Piazza Garibaldi
  • every Wednesday, in Piazza Hortis
  • every Wednesday, in Piazza Ponterosso
  • every Wednesday, in Piazza Puecher 
  • every Wednesday, in Piazza tra i Rivi 
  • every Wednesday, in Via dell'Istria (mercato dei fiori)
  • every Thursday, in Campo Belvedere
  • every Thursday, in Piazza Foraggi 
  • every Thursday, in Piazza Garibaldi
  • every Thursday, in Piazza Hortis
  • every Thursday, in Piazza Ponterosso
  • every Thursday, in Piazza Puecher 
  • every Thursday, in Piazza tra i Rivi 
  • every Thursday, in Via dell'Istria (mercato dei fiori)
  • every Friday, in Campo Belvedere
  • every Friday, in Piazza Foraggi 
  • every Friday, in Piazza Garibaldi
  • every Friday, in Piazza Hortis
  • every Friday, in Piazza Ponterosso
  • every Friday, in Piazza Puecher 
  • every Friday, in Piazza tra i Rivi 
  • every Friday, in Via dell'Istria (mercato dei fiori)
  • every Saturday, in Campo Belvedere
  • every Saturday, in Piazza Foraggi 
  • every Saturday, in Piazza Garibaldi
  • every Saturday, in Piazza Hortis
  • every Saturday, in Piazza Ponterosso
  • every Saturday, in Piazza tra i Rivi 
  • every Saturday, in piazzale delle Puglie
  • every Saturday, in Via dell'Istria (mercato dei fiori)
  • every Sunday, in Piazza Vecchia (antiquariato)

Discover dates and addresses of all the weekly markets around Trieste at this address, or check the map on the homepage to see all the events around you.

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