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Events in Cesenatico

  • Events around Forlì-Cesena

Join one of the events in Cesenatico, events-Cesenatico in the province of Forlì-Cesena (Emilia Romagna). In this page you will find a list of the main events held every year in Cesenatico.

Sagre (festivals) in Cesenatico

  • Azzurro come il pesce (Blue as the fish), in the month of March. More information at
  • Pesche di Romagna in Festa (Peaches of Romagna Festival), in the month of July. More information at

Town festivities and fairs in Cesenatico

Traditional events in Cesenatico

  • Festa di Garibaldi (con il Palio di Cuccagna fra gli otto quartieri di Cesenatico: Villalta, Borella, Cannucceto, Peep Madonnina, Ponente, Valona, Levante, Boschetto) (Feast of Garibaldi (with the Palio of Cuccagna among the eight districts of Cesenatico: Villalta, Borella, Cannucceto, Peep Madonnina, Ponente, Vlora, Levante, Grove)), First weekend of August. More information at
  • Grande Rustida dei Pescatori (Great Rustida fishermen ), 14 August. More information at
  • Palio della Cuccagna dell'Adriatico (The Palio della Cuccagna of the Adriatic ), The penultimate Saturday of July. More information at
  • Presepe della Marineria (The Crib of seafaring ), 25 December - 6 January. More information at
  • Tradizionale Festa Di Garibaldi (The traditional feast of Garibaldi), in the month of August. More information at
  • Festa Patronale in onore di San Giacomo (Patronal Feast in honor of San Giacomo), 25 July. More information at .

What to do today and in the coming days in Cesenatico? Find dates and addresses of all events taking place today and the next few days in Cesenatico at the event's page of Cesenatico, or check the map to see all current events around you.

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