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How to publish a Happing

Publishing a happing is completely free. To insert a new event simply register with a valid email or with an account social (Facebook, Linkedin, Google) and in just a few steps to create an event.

Each event created is indexed on search engines and can be shared on their social profiles to increase the viral effect.

The event created is displayed on the map from the start to end date, and it is shown to the users who are located in a radius of 100 km. The events are searchable by date and location. Users can enter the event among the favorites, create an itinerary by associating multiple events (e.g. when organizing a holiday).

Among the special features we can list:
- Customization of the profile page with your contact details to the activity, insertion of a gallery of images and personalised cover
- Statistics about the published happings
- you can publish events and commercial offers as happings (e.g. events at a restaurant, discounts in a store, presentation of a new range of products etc.)
- Customization of events created with the image of the event photo gallery

How to choose the appropriate username

The username is used in the url of the profile page, therefore it is very important that you choose an appropriate name to be "indexed" on search engines, for example italian-restaurant generates the url: that is the link to the profile page.

Publish a commercial offer

Happings let users find your business not statically with a descriptive presentation and graphics and perhaps the showcase of products, but through the communication of what is happening inside of your store.

It is not a portal of addresses, but a dynamic system that shows what is happening on real time. The target is to drive new customers, among locals users and tourists, in your store.

Happings is a powerful tool to attract always new customers.


About Happings

Happings use is very intuitive and is 100% FREE to use. The map shows all the events around where you are, in a radius of 100 km. You can search and organize them into itineraries ...


Promote your events

Learn how to make viral marketing to your events.

Just a few clicks to create the page of your event:

Advertising strategy

Create together your advertising strategy guide you step by step in the choice of channels, and build with you the advertising campaign to publicise your Event and your offers a new users and new customers. Landing page sharing on the profiles social, campaign display to obtain more than 6,000 click and 70,000 Views (Certified by Google).