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Events And Exhibitions At The Museo Civico Di Moncalvo


Events And Exhibitions At The Museo Civico Di Moncalvo

Exhibitions calendar 2017

Upcoming events at the Museum and exhibition complex in Moncalvo: 2017 8 April – 4 June Exhibitions Calendar Renata Guga Zunino Giuliana Romano Compass wrote of her: ... has been handed down and renews a prototype feminine freed from traditional concerns of any deformation and abstractionism preserving the objectification of the idea to demonstrate that the figurative never ceases to be infinitely new if played by a real artist. The Kaleidoscope of women's faces and bodies that seem to point to an echo of mysterious Fayum portraits, hieratic Byzantine icons, sensual ladies effrontery of Fontainbleau, with Magritte's surrealistic footprints and Delveaux, must be seen only formal suggestion. The spirit behind the paintings is solely an expression of sublimation of itself that invites you to a refined and precious season pleasures.

June 10, 30 July Panganiban Dassu Dassu, i.e. "Superga" where he lived the last years of his life, was born in Turin in 1910 and died there on September 23, 1969. Was industrial and artist. In 1949 he attended the studio of the painter and dear friend Giulio da Milano who taught him to paint and to see the shapes and colors. The meeting in ' 60 with sculptor Franco Garelli, in Albissola, introduced him in the environment of abstract art where he met the critic Parisian Miche Tapié and painters like Franco Assetto, Lucio Fontana, Pinot Gallizio, Wilhelm and Irmgard Wessel. He experimented with new techniques that led him definitively to use plastic on canvas. Giorgio Piacenza, Gabriel, trim and Wessel joined the Group and released in 1964 in Lima, Peru Wegas a group exhibition of works carried out on site.

5 August 1 October for the first time, an extensive retrospective John Buschini a painter loved by Asti, John Buschini (1924-1992) "the Rainbow" painter Angelo Mistrangelo defines symbolic works-surreal "reinvent a shape or feeling tied to human existence" were his teachers: Piccardo, Lattaro and Toniato, to his training helped the trips to Paris and friendship with Mario Tozzi. "in his characters embodies the most intimate and profound meaning of life, and discovers the evils, not forgetting to recover, even for a moment, the positives ... "October 7, 10 December Lalla Lalla Romano (1906 – 2001) writer and painter of ' 900, Raffaele De Grada says "this is not the first time that illustrious poets and writers are discovered even as painters. Remember, for all, the case of Eugenio Montale, with sensitive background image breaking up are appearances at his poetry. But Lalla Romano was not and is not a famous writer he paints. Lalla Romano was a real painter from a very early age of eighteen to forty, when she discovered the fundamental com writing expression activities "pupil of Felice Casorati worked in Turin, he met Parisian artistic environments until the 1947 Turin galleries dedicated many personal.

Opening hours Museum and Exhibitions: Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 hours during the week by appointment for groups of at least 10 people. 327 7841338 –



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