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Contest Writing About Cinema


Contest Writing About Cinema

Alberto Farassino Award

Critics write you!

The fifteenth edition of Alberto Farassino Premium Cinema, Writing national competition for aspiring young critics "Three good reasons to accept the honor to be a part of this jury: 1-the award is named after a notable reviewer. 2-the hope of identifying some critical talent of the future. 3-an award helps reaffirm that we all need to keep alive the "critical thinking" in the cinema and in every field. " Enrico Magrelli in these words the critic Enrico Magrelli, historical entry of Hollywood Party and leader of the last two editions of pordenonelegge with live bets the program dedicated to the Book Festival, explaining his decision to join the jury of writing about Cinema Prize Alberto Farassino. Now in its fifteenth Edition, promoted by Cinemazero,, the National Union of Italian film critics Foundation and in collaboration with Far East Film Festival and minimum & moralia, writing about Cinema is the only national competition of film criticism, addressed to all aspiring critics among the 15 and 25 years living in Italy.

After the registration to the contest page, aspiring young critics will start sending their reviews on a film of this movie season.

It will be up to the jury made by Mauro Gervasini (Director of Tv movies, breeder for the Venice International Film Festival), Enrico Magrelli (film critic, conductor of Hollywood Party on Radio3, Deputy Director of Bif & Si di Bari) and Adriano De Grandis (critic of Gazette, trustee of the National Union of Italian film critics – section Triveneto) and chaired by Viola Farassino (costume designer for film , television and theater) the winners for the two sections of tender Young Adult (15 – 18 years) and Under 25 (20 – 25 years).

The awards reflect the spirit and the aim of the competition: to enable the students to face the articulate film world, living alongside prominent professionals and put your talent to the test of facts. The winners of the Under25 section will follow the Far East Film Festival in Udine, major European festival of popular cinema of the far East, being sent at the Internet movie database and must review the movies you will see to the headboard, coordinated by the editor-in-Chief. In addition, the winners of both sections will form an online editorial office who will work with the blog of cultural studies and film & minimum moralia.

Side of the contest, prize award was set up media libraries FVG, promoted by Agricultural Crèdit FriulAdria in collaboration with Mediateca Cinemazero (Pordenone), Mario Quargnolo (Udine), Ugo Casiraghi (Gorizia), La Cappella Underground (Trieste) and is aimed at secondary school students Grade II of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. A jury, composed of the heads of teaching of the four media libraries in the region and a representative of four secondary schools in the territory will be called upon to reward the best review. The class of the winner will be rewarded with a training event, the festival Entries.

The awards will take place in the context of history, movies, Book Festival with authors (13-17 September 2017) in the presence of the finalists and hundreds of students. Like every year, will choose a testimonial of the competition among the protagonists of contemporary cinema called will tell to the public his vision and his experience on the front lines of writing dedicated to the cinema. And you will know the winners to write about Cinema Prize Alberto Farassino 2017.

To attend to write about cinema Prize Alberto Farassino there is time until June 15, 2017.

Info, notice and registration for the competition:




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